Ecstasy cake!!!


Have you ever tried something so delicious you can barely stand it This is one of those recipes. When you make this Recipe you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

No need to wait for Christmas or Easter to indulge in a good little sugar overdose. onlyskinnyrecipes brought us the recipe for THE gourmet cake. We present to you, the ecstasy cake, or “cake better than sex”.To Make this Recipe You’ Will Need the following ingredients:



A chocolate cake (soft, preferably)


Sweetened condensed milk

Chantilly cream

Twix-style chocolate bars



Prepare a chocolate cake and let it cool.

Make holes in it with the handle of your wooden spoon or your fingers.

Mix the sweetened condenssed milk and the caramel sauce and pour this preparation on the cake. The mixture should flow into all the holes.

Garnish the cake with Chantilly cream and crumble the chocolate bars on top.

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