Have you ever tried something so delicious you can barely stand it This is one of those recipes. When you make this Recipe you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.
Honey-baked pork baked in a little pineapple juice and topped with a delicious buttery sticky coating!
Let the holidays start with a slice or two of honey-baked ham! Tender and juicy on the inside with crunchy, charred and sticky edges. The perfect pork for the Christmas dinner table.




Pork: 1/2 (boneless and smoked)

 Honey: 1 cup

 Butter: 1/2 cup

 Brown sugar: 1/2 cup

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 tablespoon


Directione :

1. Before you begin, you need to cover the deep tray where the pork will go with aluminum foil. This is just to avoid problems with honey when it sticks.

2. Start heating half a cup butter on a medium heat in a saucepan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Using a spoon, stir the mixture until it melts and forms a liquid.

3. Adding about 100 grams brown sugar & a cup honey to the sauce and stir. Now that everything is well standardized, let it heat up on low heat while preparing the rest of the recipe.

4. The pork should be cut into thin slices, the pieces of which do not reach the end, and then placed on the tray that you covered with aluminum foil.

5. Now comes the technical part, coat all of the ham with the sauce you made earlier, using a brush, making sure that no hole is left unpainted. I find it very helpful to review it several times.

6. So that the pork does not burn much in the oven and comes out perfectly, you need to cover it with more aluminum foil.

7. Well, bake in just under 200g (about 120 minutes). It should be calculated that for each kilogram it should be cooked for 3 minutes depending on the weight of the ham, of course. And do not forget that it must also be taken out of the oven and given a fresh pass with honey sauce every 20 or 25 minutes.

8. Always remember to place your oven, in the last ten minutes of baking, on the roast position, to completely brown the surface of the pork. Finally, I take the pork out of the oven

Enjoy !

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