Hobo dinners!!!


Have you ever tried something so delicious you can barely stand it…and something that you’re even more shocked that you actually made. This is one of those recipes.

Hamburger Hobo Dinner Foil Packs are just downright delicious! Whether you’re cooking this meat and potato dish on the grill, a campfire, or in the oven, these flavorful packages are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Foil pack dinners are destined to become one of your favorite ways to cook since they are easy to make, can be prepared in advance and as a bonus, clean up is virtually nonexistent.

If you’ve never tried foil pack cooking, well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this simple, delicious recipe. My family loves Cheesy Ranch Potatoes and Sausage and Potatoes cooked in foil packets so adding a burger to the line up was a no-brainer.To Make this Recipe You’ Will Need the following ingredients:



1 pound ground beef
1 large potato
2 carrots
1 small onion
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons Monteral Steak Seasoning



Preheat gas grill to medium-high heat. Tear heavy duty tin foil into 4 pieces approximately 15 X 12 inches. Lightly coat with cooking spray.
While the grill is heating, divide the ground beef into 1/4 pound portions and form into patties. Slice potatoes about 1/4 inch rounds. Peel and slice carrots. Slice onion.
To build dinner packets, place 3 to 4 slices of potato on the coated foil. Divide onions and carrots between 4 packs and layer over potatoes. Place hamburger patties on top of the veggies. Place 1.5 teaspoons of butter on top of the patty. Sprinkle with 1.5 teaspoons of Montreal Seasoning. Fold foil over ingredients then seal middle and ends
To cook on the grill: Place packets on grates, seam side down and cook for 10 minutes. Turn and continue to cook for an additional 15 minutes.
To cook in the oven: Heat oven to 400. Place packets on the oven rack seam side down and cook for 10 minutes. Turn and cook for an additional 15 minutes.
***Oven temperatures vary so check for doneness before serving.
Remove packets from grill or oven and carefully open. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and additional salt and pepper if desired. Serve immediately.

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