Southern Potato Salad!!!


Potato Salad is a classic recipe for good reason, this creamy salad is easy to make ahead of time making it the perfect potluck dish! This creamy old-fashioned potato salad uses very simple ingredients to make bright flavors. Lots of creamy mayonnaise, a hint of mustard and sweet pickles (or relish). Depending on where you live, versions of potato salad can vary based on preference and location (from a German potato salad recipe to deviled egg potato salad).

The best potatoes for potato salad are either Russet or Yukon gold because they stay firmer longer after they’ve been boiled (red potatoes work too). If using thin-skinned potatoes, you can leave a few of the skins on to save the step of peeling.



Russet potatoes: 3 pounds (medium)
Mayonnaise: 1 cup
Yellow mustard: 1/4 cup
Apple cider vinegar: 2 teaspoons
Sugar: 2 teaspoons
Onion powder: 1/2 teaspoon
Sweet pickle relish: 1/4 cup
Celery: 1 stalk, chopped
Sweet onion: 1/2, chopped
Hard boiled eggs: 4 (3 chopped and 1 sliced)



1. To start off the recipe, go ahead and cut each potato in half then place in a large pot and cover with 1 inch of water.
2. You’ll want to add 2 teaspoons salt and bring to a simmer and simmer for 20 minutes, or until fork tender all the way through. And please drain well.
3. Once drained, permit cooled and then peel and discard the skins.
4. Then, you’re going to get a large bowl and place in potatoes. Using a knife, cut them into bite-sized pieces.
5. After that, mix together mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, sugar, and onion powder in a small bowl. Make sure this mixture is poured over potatoes and mix in well.
6. Immediately add relish, celery, onion, and the chopped eggs and mix in well. You can then Add salt and pepper to taste.
7. Alright now, go ahead and top with sliced egg and sprinkle with paprika. And that’s it, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for no less than 4 hours.

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